I’ve calculated my body mass index, and it turns out i was underfed last year… like shit… 
But yeah, at one point i could barely eat anything for a complete month.

Nah, I’m just very forgetful about food, i could go for a day or two without eating and it wouldn’t bother me, I’d feel hungry, but I wouldn’t care , I used to eat just for the sake of eating, when i felt like it. It’s probably because I distract myself too much with things I do. It sounds much worse than it actually is.

I used to be really skinny, so i try to eat to not get to that point again.

I did, but I hadn’t had that feeling in a long time…

I’m thinking of how much I love the peace of the night.

Monotone, I go to school, I study, I play video games, and i try to eat.
Not very exciting…

Croatia, Zagreb

I don’t know, I’m tired and I don’t feel like sleeping.